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Jewelry & Timepieces

For decades Clars Auction Gallery has been a valuable resource for investment level collectors, and to the trade, for the sale of fine estate, custom, and contemporary jewelry and fine timepieces.

Our strong marketing platform and vast exposure, together with the wide audience Clars attracts both nationally and internationally, are a few of the many reasons there is only one real choice to market and sell your fine jewelry. Clars attracts several hundred thousand potential buyers to our sale each month, with participating bidders encompassing the entire globe.

The Specialists at Clars Auction Gallery have worked with clients ranging from important public institutions to significant private collectors. Let Clars show you how they will market and sell your fine items in the widest market possible to realize the strongest return. We encourage you to speak with our specialists, Lillian Roberts and Gary Crispino, who provide excellent client relations both to buyers and sellers. Clars Auction Gallery, the top choice for your fine jewelry and timepieces.

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