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Fine Art Paintings and Sculpture

Our Fine Arts Department has been very successful in appraising and selling a wide range of American and international fine art paintings, watercolors, sculptures, and prints. Clars is exceptionally strong in Western American and Californian art.

Our Specialists determine appropriate auction values for works of fine art, and market to dealers and collectors to create excitement leading to high auction prices. In addition, our online auction catalog is distributed to more than 300,000 dealers and collectors worldwide.

For more than four decades, Clars Auction Gallery has professionally merchandised and efficiently sold fine art. Our specialists have extensive knowledge of modern, classical and Old Master paintings, prints, watercolors and sculptures. Through our extensive marketing program, Clars has been successful in selling both international and American works.

We encourage you to speak with our specialists, including Rick Unruh, Anna Hygelund and Jenny Wilson, to learn why Clars is the top choice to handle your special pieces.

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